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F32T8 T8 Ballast 4 Lamp 32W MV

T8 Fluorescent Ballast F32T8 3-4 Lamp | 120V 277V
Instant Start | 0°F Min Start | Multi-Volt | High Efficiency
Manufacturer: Howard USA | Model: EP4/32IS/MV/MC/HE

F32T8 T8 Ballast 4 Lamp 32W MV
F32T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

F32T8 T8 Ballast 4 Lamp 32W MV

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Part Number:F32T8 Ballast 4 Lamp
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F32T8 T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts High Efficiency 

F32T8 T8 Fluorescent Ballast 3-4 Lamp Operation
Multi-Volt: 120V 277V
0°F Min Start
Micro Case Dimensions Inches: 9.50L x 1.3W x 1.0H
Instant Start Ballast
5-year ballast warranty
Manufacturer: Howard 
Ballast Model Number: EP4/32IS/MV/MC/HE
Operational Voltage: Multi-Volt 120V/277V
5-year ballast warranty

F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast Operation
  o 32 Watts x 3-4
  o Power Factor: >98%
  o Total Harmonic Distortion Rating: <10%

Additional F32T8 Fluorescent Ballast Specifications:
• Ballast is UL certified
• Ballast is sound rated Class A
• Ballast is Class P Type 1 Outdoor
• Ballast has a Lamp Current Crest Factor of <1.7
• Ballast withstands line transients as specified in ANSI C62.41-1991
• Ballast complies with the limits of FCC Part 18C Class B (Residential) and Class A
• Ballast lamp operating frequency greater than 40KHz
• Ballast has a 0º F minimum lamp starting temperature
• Ballast is Instant Start
• Ballast has a minimum Power Factor of 98%
• Ballast operates within a +/- 10% of the ballast specified line voltage
• Input frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
• Maximum case hot spot temperature of 70 C

Lamps this ballast will run:
3-Lamp Operation:
F17T8, F25T8, F32T8, F32T8/ES/25, F32T8/ES/28, F32T8/ES/30, F40T8, FB28T8, FB31T8, FB32T8
4-Lamp Operation:
F17T8, F25T8, F32T8, F32T8/ES/25, F32T8/ES/28, F32T8/ES/30, FB28T8, FB31T8, FB32T8

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